Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply to the visit, use or transaction of products or services with the Greeners Action through this website. Please read carefully them before using. The use of any part of this website implies one has acknowledged and accepted to be bind by the terms and conditions applied.

Prices of goods are subject to change without prior notice. The Greeners Action reserves final decision on confirmation of on-line purchase in accordance with stocks’ availability. But we will try our best to update details and prices of goods on the website regularly.

All confirmation of purchase depends on the availability of stock of related goods. We reserve right to cancel purchase order if item is not available.


Note of purchase

Ordering of purchase implies one has accepted terms and conditions listed by the Greeners Action. Upon receiving purchase order, we will send a receive-but-not-yet-confirm reply. If provision of goods or products is not available for failure in payment or some other reasons, we reserves right to cancel the order. In this case, we will inform about the cancellation by phone or email.

If purchase order is successfully accepted, the Greeners Action’s customer service division will inform the confirmation by phone about the date and time of taking the goods.


Taking-away of goods

Taking-away of goods is available from the Greeners Action (Flat 201, 2/F, Block A, Cho Yiu Centre, Lai King, Kwai Chung)

  • Please provide purchase order’s print copy or softcopy of confirmation email, order-related phone no. and valid identity document for verification. If not, the Greeners Action has right not to provide related goods.
  • Once purchase order is purchased, change of color, style or items are not allowed.
  • If Greeners Action is closed due to weather and other force majeure factors, customers can select to go the next day taking-away of goods.

Delivery service (Suspended)

  • If one cannot get the goods by himself but willing to pay the extra admin free ($20) & delivery fee, we are glad to provide delivery service through SF Express which charges the delivery fee.
  • Please visit here for detail of the charging fee.
  • If the delivery address is far from transportation, additional $30 will be charged per order, plus one more delivery day.

Goods withdrawal and cash rebate

Policy on goods withdrawal

Please check the completeness of purchased goods when taking them, arrangement of goods withdrawal could be made if damage found is verified by the Greeners Action.

  • If item to be withdrawn is out of stock, we would arrange cash rebate in accordance to our policy.
  • Previous receipt is needed to return to us for replacing goods order.
  • We reserve right not to accept replacing order due to poor appearance of goods.

7-day goods withdrawal guarantee

It is one’s responsibility to check the completeness of goods including its packing and fittings when taking purchased goods.

Point to note

  1. Replacing or withdrawal goods must have unflawed packing, together with fittings, insert
  2. Replacing or withdrawal goods must have no damage, no wetting
  3. The 7-day withdrawal guarantee does not cover used items
  4. The 7-day withdrawal guarantee does not cover items without receipt
  5. The 7-day withdrawal guarantee does not cover only receipt
  6. The 7-day withdrawal guarantee does not cover replacement or withdrawal due to personal dislike
  7. For any dispute, the Greeners Action reserves the final decision on the acceptance of withdrawal.